SPE European HSE Conference and Exhibition

16 April 2013


Health, Safety, Environment, and Social Responsibility in the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industry

ERM is proud to be the Lead Sponsor of the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ European HSE Conference and Exhibition.

As the largest association for upstream exploration and production (E&P) professionals, SPE is well-respected for bringing the industry together, and it will hold its second regional Health Safety & Environment (HSE) event.  This event provides an excellent forum for HSE specialists in the oil and gas industry to come together and share best practices and discuss issues for future improvement. They also facilitate the sharing of views and concerns among a wide range of stakeholders.

The theme for this conference is ‘Delivering Consistent HSE and SR Performance Across Europe.' This highlights the opportunities the industry has to share best practices and raise the level of performance across the European E&P sector. Introduction of new and updated industry standards, as well as active engagement in dialogue with all stakeholders, will enable us to continue to maintain our licence to operate.

During this year’s conference ERM’s experts will provide thought leadership on a range of issues including:

  • High integrity process;
  • Socio-economic challenges of shale gas’ developments in Europe;
  • Bow-Tie Methodology: ten golden rules for robust bow-ties.

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At the Opening Plenary Session, the keynote will be given by Phillip Hemmens, Managing Director of ENI UK, following which John Simonson, EMEA CEO of ERM, will participate in a panel discussion with Jonathan Lewis, Senior Vice President, Europe/Sub-Saharan Africa, Halliburton and Steve Flynn, Group Head of Risk Learning and HSSE, Safety and Operational Risk, BP.

Technical Sessions

Monitoring Environmental Impacts in Sensitive Environments
Session Chairs
Alistair Fulton, ERM
Paul Shone, Chevron

Evaluation and Management of Emissions from Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Operations
Session Chairs
Al Hocking, ERM
Joanne Galvan, Schlumberger


The Competence Part of a High Integrity Process
Sandra Lovell, Principal Consultant

Socio-Economic Challenges of Shale Gas Developments in Europe
Walter Heinz, Partner

Marine and Coastal Sensitivity Mapping for Oil Spill Preparedness and Response
Gail Nxumalo, Principal Consultant
John Lee, Principal Consultant

Ten Golden Rules for Developing Robust Bowties
Martyn Ramsden, Technical Director

Public Health Impact Assessments
Claire Cummins, Senior Consultant

Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session

Environmental Baseline Assessment of a Large Natural Area in Southern Italy
Stefano Azzolini, Partner
Michele Remonti, Senior Consultant


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