PDAC 2015 International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange

01 Mar 2015 - 04 March 2015

ERM: Generating Value through HSEC Excellence

A New Era in Mining
It is clear that falling commodity prices have had a global impact on the extractives sector. In mining, many new deposits are currently uneconomical to develop, and some operating mines unprofitable. Investors are demanding increased capital discipline to improve the return on investment (ROI), while stakeholder expectations for benefits sharing continue to increase. 

In an era where a ‘social license to operate’ is a pre-condition for project success, and depressed commodity prices challenge the economics of all but the richest deposits, new approaches are needed.

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ERM’s Role at PDAC 2015

ERM explored the approaches the mining industry is taking in response to the changing landscape through multiple forums at the 2015 PDAC Conference, the world’s leading mineral exploration conference.

Taking root in 1932, the convention now boasted over 23,000 attendees from 100 countries. Over these four days, delegates had the opportunity to attend a variety of technical sessions, short courses and networking events.

ERM's activities included:

  • Exhibiting at booth #1133
  • Presenting at the Short Course: Health & Safety In Mineral Exploration
  • A panelist as part of the PDAC CSR Series hosted by rePlan: New Approaches to
    Land Access - Lessons from the field
  • Facilitating a side panel and luncheon at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s North Building
  • Hosting a client cocktail and networking reception in downtown Toronto
  • Speaking at the Technical Session: Managing the environmental footprint of mineral exploration: Can mining be sustainable?

Why did ERM participate?

The Mining Sector is a key focus for ERM. Having served the Mining and Metals industry for over 40 years, we help our clients evaluate and establish new sites across the globe while also improving the efficiency and safety of existing operations. We support our clients across the lifecycle of their project and work with them to minimize risk by developing and implementing safety training and environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance assurance programs.

The PDAC conference gave ERM the opportunity to collaborate with past, present and potential clients. Each year our delegates leave the conference with a deeper understanding of the current mining climate; having substantiated new trends and shared our learnings from the past year.

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ERM at PDAC 2015

Exhibiting at PDAC
Sunday, March 1 to Wednesday, March 4

ERM exhibited at booth #1133 throughout the week.

Short Course Health and Safety in Mineral Exploration
Friday, February 28, 2015 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Buck Page, Health & Safety Lead for ERM’s Canadian Division, is one of five presenters who helped to inform small and large-companies how to kick start a health and safety (H&S) program at their company, or helping them to identify what the company’s program is looking to achieve if one already existed. Specific technicalities of risks around drilling and helicopters were also discussed. The course was targeted at those active in mineral exploration in the field, though H&S management aspects were also covered.

The objective of the course was to give participants sufficient training to understand the following:

  • What the typical risks are in mineral exploration
  • Completion of an elementary risk assessment of a task 
  • Investigating an accident 
  • Collection, compilation and understanding of health and safety statistics 
  • At a high level, how health and safety can and should be administered 
  • What the special risks are around drilling (accidents) and helicopters (fatalities)

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PDAC CSR Series: New Approaches to Land Access - Lessons from the Field
Sunday, March 1, 9:30 am to 10:55 am

In a panel hosted by rePlan, ERM Senior Partner, Dr. Caleb Wall, spoke on the topic of ‘Restoring and Improving Livelihoods’. Land access and acquisition activities often displace regional economies, thus international best practices require that livelihoods be effectively restored among those displaced.

Dr. Wall shared how livelihood restoration and improvement plans can be tailored to the region and those affected. He showed cases of effective programs that helped to improve well-being in a region.

Panel Roundtable: A look at the new ‘normal’ in mining
Monday, March 2, Afternoon Session, 2:00 - 3:00 pm
MTCC North Building, Lower Level, Room 104 A

Today’s economic reality has had a dramatic impact on the mining industry. Whilst the economic feasibility of most existing and new projects is being challenged, the mining community’s social expectations are higher than ever. This dichotomy presents a challenging balancing act for companies.

ERM facilitated a panel featuring senior global industry representatives and key stakeholders to look at what approaches companies can take to strike the right balance between company values, investor demands, and societal expectations in today’s economic climate.

Technical Session Managing the environmental footprint of mineral exploration: Can mining be sustainable?
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 9:10 – 11:40 AM, Room 713

ERM Senior Consultant Jim Chan analyzed how integrating environmental considerations early into project planning will help de-risk projects though shortened timelines and saving costs while developing stakeholder trust.

His session titled ‘Environmental Impact Assessment - A force for good while saving time and money’ looked at global case studies and highlights tools and techniques used in the EA process such as constraint mapping. 

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Metro Toronto Convention Centre
222 Bremner Blvd
Toronto, ON M5V 3L9

ERM Observations and Insights from PDAC 2015

22 April 2015

Read ERM's topline view of our observations and insights from the PDAC Convention 2015

ERM Presentation: Managing the Environmental Footprint of Mineral Exploration – Can Mining be Sustainable?

30 March 2015

ERM's presentation as given at the PDAC 2015 Conference Technical Session Panel: Managing the environmental footprint of mineral exploration - can mining be sustainable?

ERM at the Conference

Dr. Caleb Wall is a Senior Partner and the Canadian Commercial Director out of ERM’s Calgary office. He was a panel member of the PDAC CSR Series ‘New Approaches to Land Access – Lessons from the Field’, hosted by rePlan. 

Mr. Mike Smylie is a Partner and Global Service Director with ERM’s Safety Services Group. Mr. Smylie presented on Health & Safety Programs as part of PDAC’s ‘Health and Safety in Mineral Exploration’ Short Course. 

Mr. Buck Page is the ERM Canada’s Health & Safety Leader. Based out of Vancouver, Mr. Page presented as part of the ‘Health and Safety in Mineral Exploration’ Short Course.

Mr. Jim Chan has 10 years of experience in projects that intersect business, environment and regulatory affairs. Coupling his consulting and regulatory experience at the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, Canada’s national environmental assessment regulator, Mr. Chan was a panel member on PDAC’s Technical session ‘Managing the environmental footprint of mineral exploration: Can mining be sustainable?’.