EUEC 2013

28 January 2013

ERM is pleased to be supporting the EUEC 2013 held in Phoenix from 28th-30th January 2013. 

EUEC 2013 is the 16th Annual Energy, Utility & Environment Conference, making it the USA’s Largest Professional Networking & Educational Event of its kind.

The event is held in Phoenix, Arizona, where more than 2,000 delegates including environmental business leaders, energy executives, NGOs and government policymakers will make presentations and discuss various issues including clean renewable and alternate energy solutions to secure energy independence from foreign oil, while protecting our environment. Over 600 presentations are made by experts in 10 tracks and 200 exhibits can be viewed between technical sessions.

ERM is pleased to be supporting this year's event as a sponsor and exhibitor and will be giving 10 technical presentations across 5 tracks. ERM's presentations are outlined below:

Presenting Author

Abstract Title

Session & Track

Lara Helfer

Waste Conversion, AB32, and Sustainability

I2. Sustainability Projects

David Jordan

Experiences with GHG Permitting Under NSR

G3. Planning and GHG Reporting

Peter Flaherty, Skelly Holmbeck

Water Risk and Opportunity for Electric Utilities

I6. Sustainability & Water

Tom Rarrick, Bob Fraser

Air Permitting of IPL’s Eagle Valley Proposed Replacement Combined Cycle Plant

F2. Compliance Technologies & Strategies​

Mike Zebell

Screening Inside the Fence: Renewable Energy Opportunities – Turn Your Load into An Asset

E9. Renewable Energy

Mark Garrison​

The One-Hour Wars: How To Win

A9. Air Policy & Regulations

Anand Yegnan, Julie Ross, Mark Garrison, Jennifer Flannery

Streamlining the Permitting Process – Case Studies from Gas-Fired Combustion Turbine Licensing

A7. Permits & Compliance

Tree Raine​

Do I Really Need to Model?

A7. Permits & Compliance

Bob Fraser, Peter Belmonte, Nuno da Silva

Old Smokey Power, The

MATS Conundrum Part 2.1


Peter Belmonte, Robert Fraser

Clean Air Aback – The MACT Conundrum

A2. Regulatory Update II


Please be sure to visit us in the exhibit hall at booth #301.

Find out more about the event here.


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