ERM Seminar: Combine EHS processes, technology & content for an effective approach to regulatory change

Thursday, 29 September 2016

14:30 - 20:30

Don't add chaos to chaos! Don't let your software drive your process!

ERM will facilitate a seminar involving peers from the Chemical & Pharmaceutical sectors, focusing on the practical approaches and challenges of EHS data management and software solutions. ERM invites you to join our guest speakers and industry experts for a half-day discussion and experience exchange around the following EHS topics:

  • Processes, content & technology
  • Compliance: how to design processes in your company to ensure compliance? 
  • Technology: managing compliance problems to minimize risks
  • Content & Data: refresh processes & frequency, missing deadlines, where to source the content from, gaps, outsourcing of data entry activities 
  • REACh: the upcoming deadline 2018


Dr. Sebastian Polly

Dr. Arno Buthe

Dr. Rudolf Wilden 

Contact Information

If you have any content related questions or if you want to register for the seminar, please contact Ulrike Wohlschiess at [email protected] or telephone number 06102 206 153.


Basel, Switzerland