ERM Client Event: Gaining true insights from your data - How to make the most of your investment

1 November 2018

Today, data is of paramount importance to business; collecting it, tracking it and displaying it visually forms a significant part of our day-to-day activities. However, is this providing us with sufficient insight into health, safety and environment (HSE) performance to enable efficient, well-substantiated decision-making?

ERM is hosting an engaging discussion on the potential of data and data science to cost-effectively manage risk and gain real insight into operational performance. ERM Partner, Simon Tillotson, and Technical Director, Simon Gibbons, both visiting from our UK offices, will lead the discussion, followed by networking over drinks and snacks.

HSE data is collected but rarely analysed or comprehensively interrogated to gain true insights. A broader assessment using a combination of site-specific information, satellite imagery and globally relevant data sets can help prioritisation on investment and acquisition. Further integration with data gathered using newer technologies can also enhance the understanding of business threats and opportunities.

Data collection and analysis is critical to HSE performance and to remain efficient, responsive and competitive, consideration should be given to exploring new ways to gather better data. There are a number of tools and approaches that can help lay the platform for gathering a higher intensity of information that can be processed rapidly. Web-technology can help bring this data to life by providing interactive platforms to view different scenarios at site-level or for corporate reporting.

Progression through the various stages of digital maturity has the potential to be a game changer in terms of the speed and accuracy in decision-making. Simon and Simon will present a range of approaches and case studies to demonstrate how maturity levels can be enhanced, and the significant benefits thereof.

ERM Speakers

Simon Tillotson
ERM Partner

Simon Gibbons
ERM Technical Director


Johannesburg, South Africa

ERM Contact

This event is invite only. For more information and to learn how to register, please contact Jacqui Good at [email protected]