ERM at SME 2016

21 - 24 February 2016

Risk Management in the New Reality of Mining

Four years into the current downturn, the resource sector continues to restructure while facing a ‘new reality.’ Many promising projects remain undeveloped and are in need of financing, while companies race to reduce operating costs. Stakeholder demand for transparency drives both technical and non-technical accountability. Recent fatal and environmental catastrophic events highlighted in the media have begun to impact the industry’s credibility, and by association, the brand value of individual companies.

This new reality calls for more – not less – risk management. Risk management is about taking a commercially minded investment approach when protecting the business from major value erosion events. Cash constraints do not justify tolerating or denying risk. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Companies that can control risk efficiently during the downturn will be most prepared for the rebound.

ERM’s Role at SME 2016: The Future for Mining in a Data-Driven World

Exhibiting at SME
Sunday, February 21 – Wednesday, February 24

ERM experts will be on hand at Booth 1721 throughout the week. Stop by for a visit, whether you are looking to evaluate and establish new sites across the globe, or to improve the efficiency and safety of existing operations.

Technical Session Presentations

In addition to our exhibit, ERM staff will share thought leadership at the technical sessions.

  • Efficient Management of Large Volumes of Public Comment on Controversial Projects
    Ross Vellacott; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    Tuesday, 2/23, 10:45 AM

  • Sustainable Mine Planning: Creating a Positive Legacy
    Al Trippel; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    Tuesday, 2/23, 11:05 AM

  • Using Collaboration to Build Sustainable Outcomes in the NEPA Process
    Howard Levine; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
    Wednesday, 2/24, 9:25 AM

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Why does ERM Participate at SME?

The Mining sector is a key focus for ERM. The conference gives us the opportunity to collaborate with our clients – past, present, and future. Each year our delegates leave the conference with a deeper understanding of the current mining climate; having substantiated new trends and shared our learnings from the past year.

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ERM’s Services

ERM offers complete lifecycle services to the mining and metals industry, from social risk management at the concept stage to closure implementation. We can helpadd value to projects with a focus on overcoming technical and non-technical issues needed to move a mine project from concept to reality.

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The Phoenix Convention Center
100 N 3rd St,
Phoenix, AZ 85004


Ross Vellacott is a Senior Project Manager experienced in leading multidisciplinary teams through the impact assessment process on large capital projects, mostly in the mining sector, in Australia and the US.  Ross will be presenting on Efficient Management of Large Volumes of Public Comment on Controversial Projects on February 23 at  10:45 a.m.

Al Trippel is a Partner with 30 years of experience in heavy industry and sustainability consulting. His industry experience includes metallic mineral exploration, development, mine management, environmental management, community social management, closure and reclamation, and developing new post closure land uses. Mr. Trippel's sustainability consulting to industry includes environmental, social, and business management planning and facilitation for a wide range of mines and manufacturing sites. He will be speaking on Sustainable Mine Planning: Creating a Positive Legacy on February 23 at 11:05 a.m.

Howard Levine is a Principal Consultant with 30 years of experience preparing environmental impact statements throughout the United States. Howard is especially interested in ways to improve stakeholder engagement during environmental review for large capital projects. He will be speaking on Using Collaboration to Build Sustainable Outcomes in the NEPA Process on February 24 at 9:25 a.m.