5th GRI Global Conference: Empowering Sustainable Decisions

18 - 20 May 2016

ERM is proud to be network partner of the 5th GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Conference in Amsterdam.

ERM has been a GRI Organisational Stakeholder (now known as the GOLD community) for five years, and has published its last three Sustainability Reports to the GRI G4 Guidelines.

As a Network Partner, ERM looks forward to the Conference which sets out to be an inclusive platform to inspire and engage a truly global network of sustainability leaders. The theme of Empowering Sustainable Decisions is timely as business leaders deal with challenging market conditions which require both operational and strategic response. We look forward to engaging with others in these important discussions so we can collectively build knowledge, best practices and experience to make more informed and sustainable decisions.

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ERM Master Class

ERM is leading a master class at the upcoming triennial GRI Global Conference. The course is titled “The Politics of Sustainability -- How to effectively manage a sustainability program without power, control or authority.”  During the course we will explore how sustainability staff can provide effective leadership without formal rank or significant resources under their direct control. We will explore how people can gain and use the leverage and influence needed to impact their broader organizations to set and achieve sustainability-related goals.

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RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre
Europaplein 22
1078 GZ Amsterdam

ERM CVS conducts first external assurance of GRI's Sustainability Report

11 January 2016

ERM CVS - the certification and verification arm of ERM - has carried out the first ever external assurance of the sustainability-related information in GRI’s own annual combined report.