European Shale Gas and Oil Summit 2015 Conference and Exhibition

15 - 16 October 2015

ERM is the Platinum Sponsor at European Shale Gas and Oil Summit 2015 Conference and Exhibition

E-SGOS is a two-day conference, exhibition, networking event for the shale gas, coal bed methane, and underground coal gasification industries for the UK and Europe. The event, which is now in its third year, will be attended by central governments, local governments, energy institutions, operators, contractors, service companies and stakeholders. This year’s event will hold 40 speakers, 3 conferences,  400 attendees and 30 exhibitors.

The event will explore existing and future possibilities for the shale gas industry, bringing together senior government officials and technical experts with operators and license holders, with the hope of guiding the shale gas sector towards a safe, environmentally friendly and prosperous future. The event will run alongside the CBM UCG Conference 2015 which aims to educate, encourage and propel the deployment of UCG and CBM technology worldwide.

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ERM’s Involvement

On Day 1 of the CBM/UCG Conference William Hazell, Partner, will be presenting: Effectively addressing the environmental and social aspects of UCG and CBM Projects

This presentation will explore what UCG and CBM projects should consider in setting up to gain consent on their projects.  The importance of a clear need case, understanding of the local project context and stakeholders, addressing matters of perception and challenge and developing effective design and governance procedures to reduce environmental and social effects.  The presentation will draw on recent projects from Carbon Capture and Storage, UCG, the US shale industry and other relevant sectors.

ERM will also be hosting a 2 hour workshop entitled ‘Engagement across the Onshore Oil and Gas Sector - What needs to be said, how and by whom?’. Hosted by William Hazell (Partner) and Catherine Ambrose, Senior Consultant.

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