Information Solutions

Meeting sustainability objectives, improving workplace safety, and complying with regulatory requirements all rely on timely and accurate information.

Many organizations grapple with multiple systems to capture, collate and analyze environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHSS) data. As well as hampering reporting and decision-making, a disparate approach to information management can consume significant resources and funds.

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and regulatory compliance, organizations need to automate and standardize their processes to managing EHSS data. This means deploying technology and centralized solutions that can be integrated and adapted to existing needs, and anticipated future requirements.

Forward-thinking solutions and strategies
ERM offers a unique combination of expansive EHSS experience together with environmental management information solution (EMIS) expertise. Our services span the entire information management life cycle, from assisting clients with needs assessment, to providing data gathering and management solutions that support business innovation, to deploying enterprise-wide reporting and analytics technologies.

Through technology, we provide insights that enable organizations to make better business decisions, improve performance, ensure the safety of their people and adopt best-practice work processes.

Our Information Solutions services are founded on:

  • Deep familiarity with global EHSS regulatory and reporting requirements, and best practices; 
  • Objective, independent advice on off-the-shelf or custom-built third-party technologies;
  • Proven project management methodology; and
  • A team of professionals with unrivalled experience in designing and implementing EMIS and EHSS management systems to meet an organization’s current and future needs.

Lower risks, greater sustainability
ERM’s Information Solutions capabilities provide our clients with an effective and efficient platform for meeting their sustainability goals and regulatory obligations. By improving information capture, quality, reporting, analysis, and management, we help clients: 

  • Reduce costs;
  • Streamline record-keeping and reporting;
  • Simplify permitting;
  • Enhance staff safety;
  • Safeguard licenses to operate; and
  • Drive continuous improvement.

These benefits to our clients are critical in minimizing risks, enhancing reputations, strengthening stakeholder relations, and meeting goals for achieving sustainable operational excellence.

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