In this episode of ERM Group Company Sustainalize's Walk the Talk podcast series, Partner Nick de Ruiter kicks off the 26th World Climate Conference with Linden Edgell, Global Sustainability Director at ERM, who will be present during the summit, on what to expect. The ‘COP26’ is seen as “the worlds best last chance” to get the climate emergency under control, and in order to ensure temperature change remains “well below” the 2 degrees Celsius agreed to by UN signatories in the Paris Agreement, countries need to act fast and double down on commitments to reach net-zero emissions. Nick and Linden elaborate on the main decision points for this COP, the potential outcomes and the part ERM plays during this summit.

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About the podcast series

With all the trends and developments that are constantly emerging in the world of sustainability, it can be difficult to keep up. Every fortnight, Sustainalize, an ERM Group Company, guides you through a relevant corporate sustainability topic. Episodes share client journeys, specialist expertise, and the prophecies of experts. Get to know more about lessons learned, pitfalls as well as opportunities; in no more than 20 minutes you will be provided with the guidance you need to take your sustainability journey to a whole new level. Follow Sustainalize Podcasts on Spotify

ERM at COP26

As the largest global pure-play sustainability consultancy, ERM is running, sponsoring and speaking at several COP events on topics related to the low carbon economy transition. Learn more