emissions.AI for complex facilities

Uncover new opportunities to increase energy and emissions efficiency.

What it is

Energy optimization is a recurring priority in complex industrial facilities, and industries are under increasing pressure to minimize emissions and deliver against compliance requirements. 

This is where emissions.AI can help.

emissions.AI is a digital solution that gives operations teams insights into the drivers of excess energy usage and emissions hidden in plant and process configurations, operating procedures, plant start-ups and shut-downs and other operational data.

ERM‘s leading digital solution can be deployed in any complex industrial facility in a matter of months, with no new hardware requirements. Our service team can support the setup, implementation and operation of the product.

Optimize your energy efficiency and deliver crucial emissions savings in your operations today.

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How it works

emissions.AI combines deep engineering expertise and advanced analytics to establish an energy and emissions digital twin for your facility.

Using state-of-the-art AI-techniques, the solution learns from historic energy and emissions performance what is realistically achievable under any circumstances, taking into account dynamic variables such as:

  • Operating modes & plant configurations
  • Changes in process parameters
  • Efficiency and degradation of equipment
  • Plant and equipment availability
  • Operational constraints & output targets

An easy-to-use interface lets your team see real-time energy and emissions performance at a glance. It also allows your team to run experiments that test the impacts of your plant configuration, and highlights optimization opportunities they can exploit.

This gives your operations team the opportunity to apply “micro-adjustments” that accumulate major emissions and energy savings over time.

Recognition and accolades

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2022 winner

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