A midstream and pipeline operator selected emissions.AI to help support corporate emissions reduction commitments. The decision follows the company’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by more than 60% by 2030 as it targets Net Zero by 2045.  As part of its road map, the business is already making significant investments in emissions reduction projects at its onshore terminal and deploying AI technology is another tool that will enable it to achieve the next phase of the transition to Net Zero.

emissions.AI’s energy and emissions digital twin was configured to recognize the 3 production trains (and their production output), isolating the emissions data for multiple energy sources (including grid electricity, imported steam, plant power and mechanical drives). 

  • As well as having access to live emissions data in greater detail, the solution automatically prompts the company’s operational teams to know when and where to optimize processes and plant for lower emissions. This is allowing the company to take better informed decisions and actions to operate the plant as close to best “achieved” performance as possible. By doing this consistently, the company can drive lower energy use, lower carbon emissions and lower running costs.
  • The digital solution together with regular support from the ERM team is helping to drive, establish and embed a culture of energy performance and carbon awareness throughout the terminal.​​
  • The customer is benefiting from productivity savings through automation of manual processes. Additionally, the customer has better control over their operations from an energy and emissions perspective which has allowed it to further improve its business and relationship with key stakeholders.