One of the largest independent crude oil and natural gas producers in the world partnered with ERM in support of their energy efficiency and decarbonization goals for their UK upstream facilities:​​

  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Minimize fuel and carbon costs
  • Proactively manage GHG emissions from combustion and operational flaring
  • Deliver positive contribution to ESG commitments

The customer needed:​​

  • To be able to demonstrate best achievable energy and emissions performance across all facilities
  • To reduce the effort involved in collating energy and emissions compliance data
  • Access to subject matter expertise to support related initiatives


In emissions.AI, an energy and emissions digital twin was created for each offshore production facility using available engineering information (such as P&IDs, OEM manuals, lab data, etc.), before using 12 months of historic operational data to enable the system to understand and learn the operation. emissions.AI was configured to recognize each facility’s production and water injection rates as contexts within which to identify any deviation from the best achievable energy and emissions performance. 

The project has enabled the company to develop an energy and emissions performance strategy at both operational and strategic levels. In doing so, it has created visibility of its energy consumption and emissions profile, helping to establish a carbon-aware culture across the whole organization.