ERM was approached by Technip Italy to work on the TOTAL/ARAMCO Project that comprises:

  • Building a new grassroots refinery in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia;
  • The refinery's port facilities at King Fahd Industrial Port in Jubail and
  • All the pipelines between the refinery and the port.

Our Approach

The first project subcontracted to ERM was to carry out the HAZOP, not only on all the main facilities of this new refinery, for example the 26 process units: CDU/VDU, FCC, Distillate hydrocracker, Mild hydrocracker, Delayed Coker, CCR, NHDT, Isom, Parex, Benzene, LP & HP HDS, h3SO4 Alkylation, Selective h3, Unsat/Saturated gas plants, LPG Merox, TGT, SWS, ARU, SRU; but also on all the port facilities.

During these HAZOP, ERM also evaluated the SIL level of all the critical functions assessed. The second project consisted of validating Hazard Identification and carrying out the Preliminary Risk Assessment on all the facilities of the refinery and the port. This first qualitative risk evaluation and ranking was then followed by a Quantitative Scenario Risk Assessment. This included scenario modeling, fault tree/event tree and frequency evaluation.

For accidental scenarios generating a release in the port waters, ERM’s Risk Practice worked closely with the ERM team in charge of performing the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on the same facilities.

Benefits and Value

The Risk team defined the source term and the EIA team evaluated the water dispersion and its impact before giving these results to the Risk team in order to finalize its assessment of these scenarios.