Mine Assure

Mine Assure

ERM‘s SaaS solution that brings ESG standards into one smart workflow.

ERM‘s SaaS solution for responsible conformance management, developed for the Mining & Metals industry

Organizations in the Minings & Metals sector across the globe are challenged with an extensively growing landscape of ESG standards and certifications. These can be industry specific standards like ICMM, global initiatives or requirements that come from supply chain partners.​

​Trying to respond to the various standard requirements often leads to growing overhead cost, fragmented data and low data consistency. This is why our industry experts, together with leading organizations of the world, have developed Mine Assure, the industry solution that makes conformance to multiple Mining & Metal standards across the globe a no-thrills exercise.

Mine Assure capabilities

Consolidated protocol

No more duplicated efforts for various standards! Our subject matter experts at ERM have developed a single comprehensive assessment protocol, allowing you to map your data to multiple responsible mining standards across the globe at once.​

Streamlined workflow

Delegate data input to the right experts in your organization across the globe. Keep track of the status of data input, review and approval within our easy SaaS interface.​

Detailed reporting

Users can view simplified top-level assessment summaries or dive deep into granular dashboards containing data by site, standard, themes or more.​

Single source of truth

Mine Assure is your central data hub for all your standards reporting initiatives. Establish and share corporate guidance in context for your organization, and share your data with third parties and certification boards.​

Creating positive business impact for our clients

Information transparency mitigates risk, improves efficiency and creates additional business benefits​.

Identify risk early

Understand site-level performance on various ESG themes and manage accordingly.​

Increase efficiency

Eliminate duplicated efforts and overhead cost with our lean, centralized solution.

Attract new businesses

Demonstrate conformance with international standards or custom client requirements easily and become a trusted supplier. ​

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