The issue of declining water resources climbs high on the corporate agenda

20 January 2010

Global businesses will be debating the issue of decreasing water availability and declining water quality at the Understanding, Measuring and Managing Water Scarcity Risks and Footprints in the Supply Chain Conference next month. As a strategic partner of the event, ERM will be facilitating the opening session which will include presentations by organisations including Nike, Rio Tinto and Procter and Gamble.

The event runs from 25-26 February and will be welcoming participants from around to the world to the two day event in San Francisco, US. Discussing issues relating to this topic, ERM will facilitate the opening session in addition to making presentations on managing business water risks and corporate footprinting.

Delegates from every continent will be focusing on the Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods, Energy and Mining, Agriculture, Raw Material Sourcing and Industrial Manufacturing sectors. Presentations and discussions will also include a deep regional analysis of Western USA, Africa, China, South America and both Southern and Eastern Europe.

Dr Velislava Ivanova, Water Sustainability Practice Lead, with ERM, will be presenting at the conference: “Water scarcity and declining quality are growing problems that affect businesses globally. We are working with an increasing number of our clients from many sectors on the hot topics of assessing their water footprint, and addressing water related business risks and opportunities.

"ERM is pleased to be the strategic partner for the conference as it will focus on practical solutions for assessing and managing water risks, within regional contexts and for a wide range of sectors. We are excited that the conference will provide the opportunity for multinational corporations, with complex international supply chain, to come together and share insights on developing water risk strategies, methodologies for water footprinting, and investigating new and innovative technologies to secure business in regions of increasing water scarcity."

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