The COVID-19 virus is affecting communities and businesses on multiple continents, having a profound impact on people, markets and the global economy. Companies are deploying multi-faceted responses to the pandemic as it affects both human lives and business continuity.

Along with taking measures within our own company, ERM is supporting these responses as an integrated partner as part of an organization’s crisis team or as a sustainability consultant for organizations with resulting business continuity and operational challenges.


ERM’s multi-disciplinary experts can provide integrated approaches tailored to environment, health and safety (EHS), sustainability, and risk solutions to solve our clients’ most complex issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic and help them to:

  • Protect their employees
  • Protect their business
  • Support their pandemic resilience efforts

Protecting Employees

ERM consultants are supporting (and in some cases working in) crisis management teams to help minimize employee exposure. Our consultants are directly supporting:

  • Program Management – developing corporate and business unit plans, establishing central repositories to track actions and deadlines and ensure a single source of guidance relating to employee health, safety and exposure risk.

  • Employee Tracking & support – identifying and tracking employees that have been confirmed, suspected, or potentially at risk and developing and embedding consistent company processes to protect them; providing back to work guidance; developing and documenting workflows and tools; adhering to regulatory guidance relating to health, safety and facility entrance guidance and providing ongoing support with company-wide communications programs.

Protecting Business

ERM consultants are working with group and business unit EHS and sustainability functions to help ensure that operations are continuing to work safely and without interruption.

  • Protecting Operations – conducting enterprise-wide risk assessments with leadership teams, developing plans and tracking actions to enable safe and stable operations, co-designing and facilitating the development of site readiness and contingency plans, developing procedures and guidelines for the flow of employees, contractor and vendors at site, business unit and corporate level.

  • EHS Support – providing local in-country support to manage compliance with rapidly changing regulations and helping with ‘business as usual’ EHS activities for overstretched EHS functions.

Supporting Pandemic Resilience Efforts

ERM consultants are helping clients to identify ways in which they can do their part to help customers, suppliers and local communities.

  • Engaging with suppliers and customers on common processes, sharing tools, developing new approaches to the supply and delivery of service and products.
  • Engaging with communities – to provide reassurance and expertise as needed