Sustainability Report 2016

Clients and society  

Data presented here support the financial performance and contributing to society sections of this report and include data from FY16 acquisitions.  

Economic value generated and distributed FY14 - FY16

Total $M FY14 FY15 FY16
Direct Economic Value Generated
Net Revenues 680 699 648
Direct Economic Value Distributed
Operating Costs1 (75)  (72) (67)
Employee Wages & Benefits2 (488)  (507) (472)
Payments to Providers of Funds3 (25)  (47) (51)
Payments to Government4 (27) (18) (15)
Community Investments (1) (1) (1)
Economic Value Retained5 64 54 42

1 Includes all operating costs excluding staff costs, depreciation and community investments.
2 Includes total staff costs; excludes labor costs for community investments.
3 Includes all interest on ERM bank debt.
4 Includes tax charge; excludes deferred tax.
5 Calculated as the difference between economic value generated and economic value distributed.

Our clients

Contributing to society