Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

Improving operational sustainability for a leader in clean energy

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Westinghouse Electric Company's vision is to be a trusted leader in clean energy. ERM helped support this vision by conducting sustainability assessments for a global portfolio of its facilities. As a result, we identified more than 170 process improvements at Westinghouse sites. Closely linking the assessments to Westinghouse Electric's key performance indicators, our project team focused on opportunities to reduce energy use and GHG emissions, water use, waste generation and chemical emissions to the air and water.

We used ERM's proprietary Quick Environmental Savings Technique (QUEST) methodology to collect and analyze specific sustainability performance data. Next, we deployed field assessment teams to collaborate with Westinghouse facility staff in identifying the most impactful sustainability improvement opportunities.

The output of the assessments supported the development of a five-year Sustainability Improvement Plan, including portfolio-wide and site-specific opportunities. For each top-ranked opportunity, we developed business cases to justify specific recommended improvements and to support the client's capital planning and budgeting process. The seven initial site assessments identified potential reductions in energy and GHG emissions (12 percent), resource use (up to 55 percent) and annual costs ($3 million in savings). Building on the success of the program, Westinghouse Electric has engaged ERM to conduct additional facility assessments.

As noted by Jeff Hassen, ERM Partner, "This project is an excellent example of the value we bring to our clients to improve operational efficiency while reducing impacts to the environment."