Asset & Portfolio Management Services

As markets and customer demands evolve, companies need to ensure their portfolio of assets continues to deliver value.

Entering an emerging geography, developing a new product, investing in a major capital project or merging with a competitor helps companies seize new opportunities - but these activities also present new challenges. Environment, health, safely and sustainability (EHSS) factors are playing an increasing role in successful asset and portfolio management, and need to be embedded in both decision-making processes and ongoing operations.

Successful asset and portfolio management requires constantly updating EHSS strategies and processes. Managing multiple sites across multiple jurisdictions is very complex and frequently results in unmanaged risks and unexploited opportunities.

ERM helps clients maximize the value of their asset portfolio and achieve their strategic objectives through the proactive management of their specific EHSS opportunities and issues. We offer detailed insights and proprietary tools and techniques that help to:

  • Drive innovation and operational excellence;
  • Optimize strategic investments;
  • Accelerate and enhance transactions and integration; and
  • Reduce cost and complexity.

By working with ERM, organizations can transform EHSS liabilities into opportunities to increase competitive advantage and drive stronger financial and reputational outcomes.

ERM offers a range of services that can be combined and tailored to offer clients a solution to meet their asset and portfolio management needs:

Management Systems & Compliance Support
Asset Retirement 
Information Solutions
Remediation Management
Sediments & Watershed Management
Site Investigation & Risk Assessment
Decommissioning, Decontamination & Demolition
Due Diligence
Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

Related Services

ERM offers a range of services to support proactive management of asset portfolios, including:

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