World of Coal Ash Conference (WOCA) 2017 Conference

8 - 11 May 2017

WOCA is an international conference organized by the American Coal Ash Association (ACAA) and the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER). The 2017 conference is the 7th joint biennial meeting with a focus on the science, applications and sustainability of worldwide coal combustion products (CCP's) as well as gasification products.

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ERM at the Conference

ERM will be presenting and moderating sessions throughout the conference.

Multiple Lines of Evidence Facilitate Background Groundwater Well Selection in a Geologically Complex Site
Tuesday May 9, 1:30 PM
Groundwater & Environment Session

This talk, presented by ERM Senior Scientist Dr. Natasha Hausmann, will focus on developing a decision framework using multivariate statistics to perform a plume delineation and establishing background dataset for a landfill with complex geology.

Comparison of Groundwater Sampling Methods for Monitoring CCR Units
Tuesday May 9, 2:30 PM
Groundwater & Environment Session

This talk, presented by ERM consultant Mr. Robb, will focus on the cost savings, technical considerations and regulatory acceptance of no-purge sampling methodology at CCR sites.

Integrated Data Management Systems Improve Work Flow and Reporting for Coal Ash Sites
Wednesday May 10, at 8:30 AM
Ash Management Session

This talk, presented by ERM Senior Scientist Dr. Natasha Hausmann, will focus on how to establish a CCR data management system so data can be managed efficiently and effectively. The talk will also address how to select the appropriate statistical methods.

ERM Speakers

Hunter Sartain
Mr. Hunter Sartain is a professional engineer with 30 years of engineering consulting and construction management experience. Mr. Sartain has conducted numerous landfill design and construction projects, as well as designing numerous groundwater recovery, treatment, and discharge systems (including in-situ and ex-situ systems). He is currently managing a multi-site Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) groundwater monitoring program, and assisting clients with cost liabilities associated with pond closures.

Natasha Hausmann
Dr. Natasha Hausmann is a Senior Scientist with ERM based in Des Moines, Iowa. She is a leader within ERM’s Statistical Analysis Group and provides technical guidance for the development of the statistical plans under the CCR Rule. She has eight years of experience working on field-based research projects focused on soil and water sampling and analysis. Dr. Hausmann has extensive knowledge of statistics and experimental design including multivariate statistics, chemical forensics, and fingerprinting. She has particular experience with managing large, complex datasets, and developing creative, robust analyses to distill the trends found therein. Dr. Hausmann will be moderating a Chemistry Session on Tuesday, May 9th, and will also be giving two platform presentations.

Joseph Robb
Mr. Joseph Robb is a professional geologist with 20 years of experience designing and implementing hydrogeologic investigations. Mr. Robb’s experience at sites impacted with CCR includes site investigation, risk assessment, remediation and regulatory compliance. Mr. Robb has extensive experience with the evaluation of CCR impacts on potential human and ecological receptors, development of remedial feasibility studies, and the design and implementation of remedial measures.

Brett Carney
Mr. Brett Carney is a professional geologist with 30 years of experience providing consulting services to the power industry. Mr. Carney has provided a variety of technical skills at multiple CCR sites, including characterization and closure. He has participated in and been responsible for design, implementation, and project management of geological and geotechnical investigations, groundwater investigations, remedial investigations, feasibility studies, risk assessments, and construction of remediation systems. His projects have been divers, including CERCLA, RCRA, LUST, and voluntary cleanup sites in Illinois and throughout the US.

Past ERM Papers

ERM has been involved with WOCA for a number of years, and past presentations are available through the Ash Library website.

Evaluation of Ecological Risk Associated with Groundwater Discharge of CCR-Derived Constituents to Surface Water (2015)
Joseph Robb
Download now

Transforming CCBs in Maryland to Enhance Beneficial Use (2015)
Robin Lee, Leonard Rafalko, Matthew Erbe, Paul Petzrick
Download now

The Morgantown STAR Project: Fly Ash Beneficial Reuse Case Study (2013)
Brandie M. Sebastian, Robin Lee, Robert Sawyer, Shawn Seaman
Download now

Commercial Use of CCBs: Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities (2013)
Matthew Erbe, Robin G. Lee, Jennifer Gunnulfsen, Leonard G. Rafalko, Patrick Petzrick, John Sherwell
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Lexington Convention Center & Hyatt Hotel
Lexington, KY United States