Bat Acoustics Training and Analysis

17 - 19 April 2017

ERM is once again partnering with Wildlife Acoustics to run Bat Acoustics Training and Analysis courses around the U.S. Our next session will be in Knoxville, TN on April 17-19, 2017.

Course Description

This three-day software training and analysis course will provide background on the principals of bat echolocation, an overview of equipment and deployment tips, workflow, and data management.

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Cost: $1,350.00

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Bat Echolocation Basics

  • Introduction to acoustics and how sound works – developing a vocabulary.
  • Introduction to hardware and selecting sampling sites.
  • Terminology related to bat acoustics – call/pulse, sequence, pass, characteristic frequency, etc.

Field Recording Set Up and Retrieval

  • Select good potential recording sites
  • Set up and secure bat detectors
  • Check for proper functioning of the detectors
  • Retrieve data from detectors

You Have Data, Now What?

  • Data management and planning.
  • Download, storing and transporting data.
  • Batch processing in Kaleidoscope Pro.
  • Reading Kaleidoscope Pro output.

Visual Vetting of Data – What Do YOU See?

  • Vetting files, the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • What files need to be vetted and what files can be vetted.
  • Classification and ID of bat calls by species and groups.

Troubleshooting and Pitfalls

  • Level of confidence.
  • Importance of consistency.
  • What's not identifiable.

Wildlife Acoustics Solutions

Course Preparation

To prepare for the course, please make sure you:

  • Download the Kaleidoscope Pro software.
  • Load any .wav or ZC files you may have onto your laptop that you wish to analyze.
  • Take some time to view the Kaleidoscope, Song Meter SM4BAT and Echo Meter Touch tutorial videos to become familiar with Wildlife Acoustics solutions.
  • Bring a laptop to the course, if you have one available.

Course Instuctors

Michael Fishman
Michael Fishman is a Certified Wildlife Biologist®, Qualified Bat Surveyor, and Professional Wetland Scientist, and serves as the Biological Field Services Director for ERM. He has been working with bats almost 30 years. Michael's bat survey experience includes habitat assessments, hibernacula censuses, acoustic surveys, mist net and harp trap surveys, radio-telemetry, and original research on bat roost selection. He regularly lectures on bat-related topics throughout the Northeast.

Katie O'Connor
Katie O'Connor has seven years of bat research work. She is a federally permitted bat biologist and has worked on almost every type of bat survey technique, including acoustic surveys, winter hibernacula surveys, mist netting, harp trapping, banding, radio-tracking, wing tissue sampling, and identifying dead bat carcasses. Katie has years of hands-on work with a variety of active and passive acoustic recorders and detectors, and is proficient in all the candidate and approved acoustic analysis software programs. In her time at ERM, she's managed and coordinated the acoustic surveys on several large projects, including oversight and review of acoustic data management of a major multi-year project (over 1,000 acoustic sites).

Prescott Weldon
Prescott Weldon is a Lead Bat Biologist and works out of Bristol, Virginia. He has been working in the natural resources field for over ten years and specializes in performing threatened and endangered species biological field surveys. Prescott began working with bats in 2009 and has worked on a variety of projects ranging from small construction to large pipeline and mining operations. He is knowledgeable of federal and state bat survey regulations. Mr. Weldon is experienced with the deployment and operation of acoustic monitors and is skilled in the use of software to analyze data. 


Ijams Nature Center
2915 Island Home Ave
Knoxville, TN 37920


To register for this course, please contact Michael Fishman at [email protected].


Michael Fishman
Kathleen O'Connor
Prescott Weldon

ERM Contact

If you have any questions about the course, such as downloads and other pre-course preparation, please contact Michael Fishman at [email protected].