ERM Video: Vision to Reality - Restoring Urban Lakefront in Southwest Louisiana

12 August 2011

Watch this video on award winning masterplanning work helping to restore a hurricane devastated urban lakefront in Southwest Louisiana

Project Overview

Following the devastation caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita across Louisiana, a program of Masterplanning was undertaken to help restore the area as part of the recovery process.

This included the reconstruction of the City of Lake Charles Waterfront which suffered a great deal of destruction by Hurricane Rita. The Moore Planning Group (MPG) was called in to consult on the completed master plan for the affected area which led to the company creating and leading an implementation strategy to ensure the concept of what was planned, came to fruition.

Now working in Partnership with ERM, the MPG’s Lakefront Development Action Plan (LDAP) helped the City of Lake Charles stay on track, locate and leverage resources, and prioritize and schedule over US$23million of projects aimed at achieving long-term success. he LDAP was of particular importance because of its focus on action and strategic implementation. The work has was the Louisiana Chapter of the American Planning Association (LAAPA) Awards 2011 - Outstanding Plan for a Large Project

The project featured in the video is the Bord du Lac/ Lakefront Promenade. It is one of many projects outlined by LDAP and is lauded as the first project completed with public hurricane recovery funding. This project was engineered with hurricane forces in mind, but is also beautiful and functional. It has won awards including:

This video was made not only to capture the innovation and energy around the project, but also as a ‘Thank You’ to the American people who supported this region fiscally and physically during the time of devastating hurricanes. Watch this video detailing more about the work carried out by the Moore Planning Group (now part of ERM) in restoring the City of Lake Charles Lakefront.

Lakefront Promenade Fact Sheet

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