Case Study: Syncrude Canada Ltd


Improve the integrity and implementation of an Environmental, Health and Safety Management Information System at Syncrude.

Our Approach

Canada’s proven oil reserves are second only to those of Saudi Arabia. Syncrude Canada Ltd is one of the largest miners of Canada’s Alberta oil sands, from which it separates and refines bitumen into synthetic crude oil.

ERM began work with Syncrude in 2004 to develop an EHS management system audit program and self-assessment tool for reporting EHS performance within the company. ERM then undertook a series of audits at Syncrude’s major operations to ensure compliance with local, provincial and federal law.

In 2007, ERM embarked on a series of new projects with Syncrude to make improvements to the EHS management system, and to implement an EHS Management Information

System (EMIS). This saw ERM develop information management tools, train users and facilitate hazard identification and verification workshops.

ERM has also now begun a second round of facility audits to assess conformance to the revised EHS management system.

Benefits and Value

ERM has helped Syncrude improve the integrity and implementation level of its EHS management system and advised on how to develop internal capability to maintain it. The EHS management system is a critical part of Syncrude’s compliance assurance process. Good EHS performance also helps attract and retain staff in an isolated, highly competitive region where employees are hard to find.

The system builds a foundation for continuous improvement (eg addressing incident root causes, managing the change process) and gives Syncrude a mechanism for proactive, rather than reactive, EHS management.

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