Companies now have access to a comprehensive, data-driven materiality analysis process with ongoing analytics and advisory services, thanks to an exciting global partnership that brings together Datamaran’s proprietary AI technology and ERM’s advisory services in an exclusive ESG materiality offering.

Business resilience is high on the list of challenging issues for companies. In their new global partnership, Datamaran – a unique software platform for identifying and monitoring material ESG topics and ERM – a leading global provider of sustainability advisory services – will provide the most powerful materiality analysis on the market. This will give companies the most real-time and comprehensive understanding of their material ESG topics, leading to a more effective data-driven corporate strategy and, ultimately, business success.

Datamaran is a unique software platform that offers a systematic process for identifying and monitoring material ESG topics. The platform provides the most comprehensive view of new and emerging regulatory, reputational and competitive developments for ESG topics, along with the robust data to support it. ERM’s sustainability advisors work with companies to utilize the platform and apply the insights to business strategy and in disclosure to stakeholders. Their partnership gives companies the best of both worlds – state-of-the-art AI technology and advisory services – in the most sophisticated materiality analysis on the market.

ERM is the only sustainability advisory services firm that provides a robust, data-driven and real-time materiality analysis powered by Datamaran. ERM’s expert advisory teams will build on the insights from Datamaran’s cutting-edge materiality process and tailor them to the client’s needs. This means time and money can be invested smartly in analysis, consultation, ESG management and strategic advice, rather than on lengthy manual analyses. With Datamaran, investment can be focused on engaging and aligning the executive team on strategy, getting the most out of the ERM consultants’ expertise.

Quotation mark Datamaran has spent five years investing in its proprietary technology, and we want to reach as many companies as possible. We believe that, as the market leader in sustainability advisory services, ERM is the perfect partner to work with to help companies implement the data-driven process they build with Datamaran. Quotation mark

Marjella Lecourt-Alma

Datamaran CEO


Quotation mark ERM has an ambitious growth strategy for our sustainability advisory services, and our partnership with Datamaran is an important part of our approach. Datamaran is the software that will help our clients take their materiality analysis and sustainability strategy to the next level. Quotation mark

Keryn James


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