Today the Natural Capital Coalition and the Social & Human Capital Coalition united to become the Capitals Coalition.

Dedicated to ensuring the value that flows from nature, society and people - as well as the economy – collectively informs public and private sector decision making, ERM is a founding partner of both.

It is increasingly clear that natural, social and economic issues are fundamentally interconnected, and that if we are to succeed in delivering a stable and resilient future they must be addressed together as parts within an integrated system.

The Capitals Coalition unites over 350 organizations, and engages many thousands more, who together represent all parts of society and span the global economy and who support this systemic approach. And of those 350+ organizations officially affiliated with the Capitals Coalition, 30 have stepped forward as Strategic Partners, including ERM.

These partners have been selected for their leadership, for their expertise, influence and for their ability to achieve impact at scale. Collectively they represent business, finance, policy, science and academia, standard setting, membership organizations and civil society, and they will play a pivotal role in guiding the Coalition in its mission to bring nature and people into the heart of decision making.

CEO of the Capitals Coalition, Mark Gough, said: "The natural world, people, society, and the economy are innately connected. When they are addressed in isolation, benefits can be delivered to parts of the system. But, when addressed together, they can transform the way that we make decisions, and put us on the path to a stable and resilient future where people and nature thrive in harmony with one another."

ERM’s Global Director, Services, Brand and Communications, Sabine Hoefnagel, added: "Measuring and valuing social, human and natural capital is a crucial component of any modern business strategy. As founding partners in both the Natural Capital Coalition and the Social & Human Capital Coalition, ERM is honored to continue our strategic support of 'capitals thinking' We look forward to growing the networks and supporting the adoption of the Capitals Coalition’s vision."

Learn more in the full announcement from the Capitals Coalition