Technology, Media & Telecommunications

The technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector is an industry worth almost $10 trillion globally whose impact influences and shapes much of society today.

These sectors, which include well known TMT companies but also those involved in areas such as semiconductors and electronic design and manufacturing, face numerous sustainability challenges from product life cycle and supply chain management issues, through energy management and infrastructure, to data privacy and cyber security issues. Not to mention the constant challenge of rapid change and the talent management needed to keep up with these changes.

ERM helps companies with their strategic and tactical issues whether that be managing for growth and/or optimizing costs globally, or locally.

Some of the ways we help clients include:

  • Infrastructure and operational site selection and permitting such as cultural and land resources
  • Transaction support for mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of non-core assets
  • Partnering with you to develop management systems and a compliance infrastructure
  • Improving operational performance towards operational excellence including supply chain and reverse supply chain management
  • Data management and cyber security advice
  • Safety compliance, which can include site evaluations, safety training and on-site facility support
  • General Environmental, Health, Safety and Social support for facilities
  • Asset retirement and re-development strategies to keep up with the constant re-tooling of infrastructure

Sustainable Solutions for the TMT Industries

Learn more about key sustainability issues facing the technology, media and telecommunications industry and ERM's services to the address these challenges.

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