Manufacturing & Pharmaceutical

Industries around the world are confronted by a number of concurrent pressures ranging from industry consolidation, the social-ethical pressures of operations to research and development effectiveness and talent development.

Other major challenges center around entering new markets, capital project support and how to generally operate in a safe, compliant and sustainable way. In addition, delivering a responsible asset retirement strategy and improving transparency and corporate reporting for an increasing number of interested stakeholders are further areas of concern.

More specifically this can cover issues such as;

  • Expansion and penetration of emerging markets
  • M&A and post-acquisition integration
  • Compliance with existing/new regulations and corporate standards
  • Product stewardship – managing risks and developing opportunities
  • How sustainability is embedded in organizations
  • Safety processes and culture
  • Resource efficiency (energy, water, waste)
  • Exit-focused management of retained liabilities, typically at portfolio-scale
  • Climate change risk

We understand the implications of the issues faced in these industries, particularly the manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors and address them from a strategic and technical level, depending on the client need, leveraging our global footprint and using a blend of skills and experience from the range of services we provide.

ERM is a PSCI approved audit firm.

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