The Chemical industry is a 3 trillion dollar business that touches almost anything we have in the world in terms of the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the way we travel to and from work. Because of that, the chemical industry has created a diverse list of clients ranging from the petrochemical all the way through to speciality manufacturing companies.

Due to this diversity from our clients around the world, we are seeing a variety of issues including:

  • The impact of feedstock prices, particularly cheap US gas changing the global footprint of chemical companies such as the threat to European refineries
  • Increasing regulatory demands
  • Maintaining cost control
  • Non-technical risks delaying capital projects such as labor shortages and the increasing impact of community involvement 
  • Safety programs not delivering the necessary changes in performance

We partner with our clients around the world in order to be able to deliver sustainable solutions to their challenges.

ERM and the Chemical Sector

Sustainable solutions for the Global Chemical Industry

Read about current sector dynamics, key challenges faced by the industry, and how ERM can help

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