Technical Risk Services

Accidents can result in significant financial, environmental, personal and reputational damage. Identifying and reducing technical risk is vital in order to protect employees and other stakeholders, minimize losses and safeguard competitive advantage.

Making informed decisions around risk avoidance and process safety investments requires organizations to consider not only technical expertise but also sound, risk-based information.

A holistic approach to managing technical risk
ERM has more than 200 specialized process safety and risk consultants who help our clients manage a broad spectrum of risks, from preventing catastrophic incidents to transforming safety culture across an organization.

We work collaboratively with our clients to provide insight around potential technical risks throughout the lifecycle of a project - from early stage feasibility studies and concept design through to full-scale operation and eventual decommissioning. We provide analyses and guidance to help organizations ensure that their facilities are designed, operated and maintained in such a way that process safety and major accident risks are at a level that is as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

ERM offers a comprehensive range of Technical Risk services including:

  • Process safety, design, and operations reviews;
  • Safety assessments;
  • Quantitative risk assessments (including accidental release consequence modeling analysis);
  • Human factors assessments and audits;
  • Bow tie risk assessments;
  • Process safety management program development and implementation (including audits);
  • Emergency response planning;
  • Safety and loss prevention support;
  • Performance standards for safety critical elements/activities; and
  • Reliability, availability and maintainability assessments.

We help our clients consider technical risks in the context of wider environmental, economic and health concerns. By monetizing all risks, we help organizations better understand how different hazards and scenarios could affect the economics of a project or the organization as a whole.

Protecting people and competitive advantage
By partnering with ERM, our clients gain access to the information they need to make clear decisions around process safety spend. This overarching picture of risks - and their financial ramifications - drives smarter decisions and a stronger risk avoidance culture.

With risk levels managed to ALARP, organizations can safeguard their reputation and enhance stakeholder relations, which helps to boost competitive advantage. ERM’s Technical Risk solutions are substantiated by grounded technical assessments, which enable companies to protect people, assets, and the environment while also optimizing business performance.

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