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Accidents and incidents can quickly become high-profile events that adversely affect people’s lives and create significant impact on an organization’s reputation and market value. Despite these high stakes, safety is often seen as a “check the box” activity for demonstrating compliance.

While businesses spend billions, and as much as 25 percent of their annual operational expenditures, managing health and safety performance, ERM’s experience suggests that as little as 5 percent of this spend actually drives performance improvement. Serious injuries, fatalities, property losses and environmental accidents continue to occur, with 80 percent of these incidents directly attributable to organizational and human failures.

Many factors contribute to unfavorable returns on safety investment. Even with the best of intentions, processes can become bureaucratic and unwieldly; personal safety can gain more focus than process safety, inadvertently masking the warning signs of potentially catastrophic equipment failures; and liability management systems can be accidentally designed to protect the business rather than people.

Successful programs demand active leadership and a positive safety culture; clear and concise processes to manage safety-related risks; and available and reliable safety-critical equipment.

Innovative and sustainable approach
Drawing on more than 40 years of industry experience, ERM helps organizations cost-effectively increase the value of their safety processes and programs, achieve immediate reductions in risk, and deliver improved performance.

Our state-of-the-art training includes accelerative learning; technology-based learning; and e-learning modules that build competency and organizational capacity. These provide leaders with practical skills to improve the safety culture and capabilities of their teams, bolster established procedures, and reduce the chance of catastrophic incidents.

We work closely with our clients to develop fit-for-purpose solutions, often built upon existing safety programs, to accelerate performance improvement; provide in-the-field coaching for leaders, supervisors and workers; and improve process safety management and associated critical controls.

Information management solutions underpin all our services to ensure long-term, sustainable incident management. We leverage technology to capture and transform safety insights into performance improvement using data management and analytics to track performance, manage critical risks, and identify future trends.

Increased value, reduced risk
ERM provides technical insight and guidance that enables organizations to achieve significant and sustainable improvements in safety performance, safeguarding lives, reputations, and market value. Our approach helps companies extract maximum value from their existing safety investments and reduce costs by enabling greater operational efficiency and lower operational risk.

From the design and planning of major capital projects, to engendering a positive culture of care throughout an organization, ERM’s Safety services enhance outcomes for employers, employees, and local communities.

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