; Assurance

Reporting approach


ERM has governance, reporting and internal review processes in place to help ensure the quality of information contained within this report, as well as stakeholder confidence in the accuracy and reliability of our reporting.

We have gathered, recorded, compiled, analyzed and reported information and processes used in the preparation of this report in a way that can be subject to examination and which establishes the quality and materiality of the information. Individuals who did not prepare our Sustainability Report have reviewed the information reported and the processes for determining report content and stakeholder engagement.

External assurance

We engaged with an external assurance provider to conduct an independent assessment of the following questions:

  • Are ERM’s governance structures and processes sufficiently robust to deliver on stated business and sustainability objectives, values and strategy?
  • How effective is ERM’s management approach in delivering on organizational objectives and targets across the organization?
  • How does ERM’s reporting of performance reflect the organizational response to its material sustainability topics?
  • The external assurance was built on internationally recognized methodologies including AA1000AS.

Click here to read the external assurance statement.

Data verification

For our energy and GHG emissions data, our internal assurance process focuses on the quality (completeness and accuracy) of our reported data. ERM CVS conducted internal assurance on ERM’s FY19 data for these metrics, following the same approach used to perform external assurance for clients. This is based on ISAE3000 and ISO 14064:3, which are internationally recognized assurance methodologies.