; Promoting well-being at work

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Promoting well-being at work

Well-being is integral to maintaining a health, engaged, energized and productive workforce. ERM’s approach to employee well-being builds on our company values, in particular caring for our people: we look after our people, their safety, well-being and development. We also treat each other with respect. We share information globally on managing stress and supporting colleagues in the workplace.

Our business sometimes demands long hours, frequent or extended travel, and deadline pressures. Within this context, ERM strives to maintain an appropriate work-life balance for its employees:

  • We provide flexible working arrangements where feasible, supported by technology, and we will continue to ensure we are meeting the needs of our employees in the years ahead. Flexibility is often cited as an attractive reason for working at ERM.
  • We encourage wellness activities, with many of our offices implementing initiatives, such as gym memberships, team sports, recognition of special family days and fresh fruit supplies.

Some office-level initiatives from ERM employees over the past year include:

  • Taking time for a meditation moment at our Lima, Peru, office; 
  • Organizing a lunchtime walk break with co-workers in Sacramento, California, US;
  • Celebrating oral health day at our office in Jakarta, Indonesia; 
  • Jogging 5 kilometers with colleagues during lunch breaks at the Frankfurt, Germany, office;
  • Taking ergonomic breaks and using the stairs instead of the elevator in our office in Ahmedabad, India; and
  • Organizing a Wellness Day in our office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We recently established a working group in our Europe, Middle East and Africa region to improve staff well-being and provide better psycho-social support. We also featured mental health awareness was an important element of our Hidden Disabilities inclusion activities during January 2019.

For FY20, ERM has adopted a new global target: to improve the Employee Engagement Survey well-being question score from the baseline by 10%. For more information, see our future targets and goals section.

Global Safety Day 2018: maintaining balance