Every ERM employee was invited to participate in a Safety Climate Survey. A key theme that emerged from the survey was that respondents, at times, struggle with maintaining balance to meet the obligations of the client and project budgets. At ERM, “maintaining balance” means the way in which we integrate safety into operations such that we do not have any conflict between safety and operational objectives.

We selected maintaining balance as the theme for our 2018 Global Safety Day. It provided an important opportunity for our employees to gain a greater understanding of what this means at ERM and to appreciate how it is up to every employee to achieve it. People from across ERM’s offices were involved with local activities and materials shared globally. Well-being and work-life balance were raised by employees as part of the wider theme of maintaining balance with actions developed to provide support at a local level.

ERM won a 2019 Gold Quill Award of Excellence by the International Association of Business Communicators (a body that established the global standard for professional communications) for our Global Safety Day 2018 communications campaign.