ERM is a full-service environmental provider to the power sector. We deliver practical, innovative and integrated solutions that reduce business risks, lower costs and ultimately help our clients achieve desired business outcomes. ERM supports the environmental planning, impact assessment, construction, compliance and management of renewable energy facilities and transmission and distribution facilities.

Our experience encompasses hundreds of thousands of megawatts of generation, and thousands of miles of linear energy delivery facilities.

ERM prepared the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) for a wind farm for EleQtra (West Africa) Limited and its partner ENGIE in Ghana. As part of scoping, ERM conducted a field reconnaissance visit and constraints mapping to assist in turbine placement.

The results of scoping were disclosed to local communities during a series of public meetings. The full assessment included noise and shadow flicker modelling, a full social baseline survey including key informant interviews and focus group discussions, and preparation of a land acquisition and compensation plan.

ERM used bird and bat monitoring data for the assessment that had been collected over several years by the client. We also prepared a land acquisition plan that meet International Finance Corporation performance standard requirements.