; Career progression and leadership pipeline

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Career progression and leadership pipeline

We launched a new online career progression tool that makes it easy for all ERM employees to review available career paths, view job specifications and work with their supervisor and mentors to take a transparent and active role in following their career aspirations. 

Partner-led teams collaborate to deploy the right people for the right job. These teams have access to our entire ERM workforce, spanning different geographies and sectors in order to meet our evolving client needs. This structure also enables ERM employees to deepen their professional experience by supporting projects worldwide.

We continue to evolve our approach to our leadership pipeline. We are implementing a new Path to Partnership approach focusing on our talent reviews to identify individuals who have a track record of strong performance and the potential to be successful Partners at ERM. Once identified, through an externally facilitated leadership evaluation process we will assign them a sponsor from our Senior Partners to help them prepare and develop into the requirements of our Partner roles. With our new approach, we are reinforcing the need for our Senior Partners to be the stewards of our Partnership and take on the accountability, along with our candidates, to support them successfully to promotion.


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