Climate change

Why Climate change is a material topic for ERM:

As a leading sustainability consultancy, climate-related risk is not just an environmental issue, but also one that has a direct impact on ERM’s financial health, reputation as well as our ability to retain and attract talent. Our most significant contribution in helping to combat climate change is through our work with clients, in some of the most energy-intensive industries, as they transition to a lower-carbon future. Nonetheless, we continue to take steps toward reducing the environmental impacts of our operations, with the greatest focus on reducing our direct and indirect impact on climate change. Many environmental issues – from waste and water management to protecting biodiversity – are integral to a holistic approach to climate change.


Climate change sits within our broader approach to the environment which is covered within this section.  We manage our environmental performance within our offices and also in the work we undertake with our clients – be that in the field or in existing client premises.  This year, we have focused on setting our longer term targets to manage our own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within our own operations and through our value chain.