ERM works with several major technology companies to improve their operations and products across their life cycle, including:

  • Co-development of responsible electronics recycling standard: ERM was contracted to help the client develop and implement a compliance and risk-based program to manage new emerging global business around responsible takeback and recycling of electronic waste. ERM co-developed an internal auditing standard for responsible electronics recycling, followed by R2 (responsible recycling) certification and an annual audit program. As a result, the confidential client effectively mitigated its business risk for more than 10 years. ERM has continued to provide programmatic support to this client through recycler verification and management. Through our efforts, the client has better transparency and oversight of its downstream vendor supply chain.
  • Next generation product and packaging compliance for global communications company: A confidential client sought to launch a new consumer electronics product in more than 20 jurisdictions simultaneously. ERM mobilized our global network of product stewards to assess regulations for consumer protection and waste management and interpret them in light of the company’s novel products  unforeseen by those writing the regulations  and the design aesthetic which is an important part of the company’s brand image, ERM enabled the company to meet labeling requirements for the initial launch deadlines and is now working to provide a tool to make compliance more routine.
  • Risk management for resource recovery: ERM is helping this confidential client to assure itself that materials recovered from end-of-life consumer electronics are appropriately managed by auditing recycling vendors. E-waste is a growing issue for all manufacturers and users of electronics, and the risks to our client associated with collection, management, security and disposition pose significant brand, reputational and EHS risks to their business. By supporting our client programmatically, ERM has successfully streamlined auditing and reporting practices, and is currently working to drive program value over time. This enables our client to manage business risk and support brand management.
  • Full materials disclosure for confidential technology client: ERM has developed and implemented a data collection and reporting program to identify the chemical composition of all parts and materials in products for a confidential technology client. As a result of this project, the client achieved a full chemical picture of its products so that design teams can re-evaluate and select alternative materials. The client uses this information in their external sustainability report and on their website to demonstrate progress toward their corporate sustainability goals.