; Future targets and goals

Impact from operations

Future targets and goals

Based on our materiality analysis, we have established material topics, targets for FY20 and 5-year goals.

Material topics FY20 target5-year goal 
(to be met by the end of FY22 unless otherwise indicated)


No fines or nonmonetary sanctions for material noncompliance with laws or regulations.

100% completion of ERM business conduct and ethics mandatory new starter training requirements.

No fines or nonmonetary sanctions for material noncompliance with laws or regulations

Our people 

Increase gender diversity among Senior Consultants, Technical Directors and Partners by 10% over previous year.

Develop ERM Global Inclusion Leadership Index and baseline.

Improve the Employee Engagement Survey Inclusion score from the baseline by 10%.

Our employees reflect the diversity of the communities in which we work, based on gender, language and other measures.
Occupational health and safety 

Days Away from Work case (DAWC) rate of 0.10 for ERM employees.

No Life Impacting or Fatal Events¹ for ERM and subcontractor staff.

Achieve a Safety AT ERM global score of 65².

Improve the Employee Engagement Survey well-being question score from the baseline by 10%³. 

DAWC rate below 0.06 and no fatalities
Climate change  Remain on track to meet 2025 SBTi targets. Achieve forecasted progress towards longer-term Science Based Targets for 2025 and 2050. 

Innovating with clients and other leading organizations 

Achieve growth targets of 25% in FY20 from identified integrated solutions within the Services Innovation and Growth Plan.  Measure and report the impacts of innovating with clients and other organizations to address sustainability challenges.
Contributing to society and local communities 

Contribute 1% of prior year profits to support sustainability initiatives around the globe, primarily through the ERM Foundation.

Set impact-based targets for ERM Foundation contribution to the SDGs (based on FY19 baseline).

Increase Foundation contributions over time (e.g., percentage of employees engaged, company donations, employee funding).

Measure and report the impacts of Foundation and other non-client-generated projects/programs on Sustainable Development Goals.

1 Life Impacting Events are defined as any work-related injury/illness resulting in permanent disability (to include partial and/or total disability). Partial disability would mean something like loss of a finger or toe or worse – but the injured worker could still perform her/his job or similar. Total disability means the injured worker can never return to the workforce because of the injury/illness (i.e., paralyzed, loss of sight, etc.).
2 The Safety AT ERM score includes an evaluation of nearly all aspects of our overall program (including SMS self-assessment scoring). The scores are calculated at the business unit level, and we the global score is derived by calculating a weighted average of each operational business unit score (weighting based on hours worked). A target of 65 is given to each business unit and region for FY20.
3 EES question on well-being: “The company supports me in achieving a reasonable balance between my work life and personal life.”