ERM is heavily involved in the evaluation of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel and energy vector for decarbonizing heat, power and transportation. Our expertise is being applied across a wide range of innovative projects in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States involving the provision of strategic advice, financial modeling, layout development, safety and risk evaluation, stakeholder engagement, environmental impacts assessment, data management and health, safety, social and environmental consent delivery.

Our work spans production, storage, transport and end-use including hydrogen production facilities with carbon capture and storage, power to gas, electrolyzer/fuel cell applications, gas networks evaluation, hydrogen trains, energy storage, pipelines and bulk scale hydrogen generation from renewables.

ERM UK is supporting SGN and the Scottish Government on a highly innovative project to determine the technical and commercial viability of a 100% hydrogen gas network demonstration project. Three potential sites for building the new network have been identified in Scotland, each involving 200 to 300 homes, with hydrogen proposed to provide low carbon heating. ERM’s work will help identify the best technical and economic solution for hydrogen generation and storage at each location. It will also help determine the potential for the scheme to be scaled up to enable wider hydrogen usage (for extended heat or transport application) in the future.