Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a proven technology that has been in use for many decades. There are 18 CCS facilities in commercial operation, 5 under construction and 20 in various stages of development. The pace is accelerating and looks set to ramp up sharply in the late 2020s and beyond. In 2018, 6 new large-scale CCS facilities were added to the Global CCS Institute database. All are in Europe and have connection to CCS decarbonized hydrogen production with CCS.

ERM worked with the CO2 Capture Project (CCP) to study the role of CCS in the energy transition. ERM’s study found that CCS is a critical element in most pathways for limiting global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius.

The contribution envisaged for CCS in different studies reviewed by ERM ranged from 10% to over 20% of the total emission reductions required. The results of this ERM study for CCP were presented at a side event at COP24 Climate Change conference in Poland in 2018, in meetings of IPIECA and the Society of Petroleum Engineers and in the Carbon Capture Journal newsletter.

This ERM study for CCP can be found here