The landscape is changing with respect to scrutiny on company’s supply chains and subcontractor management. A strong human rights record has become imperative to maintaining a corporate “license to operate.” Several emerging themes apply across nearly all sectors: eliminating modern slavery, moving towards living wages in supply chains, eliminating workplace gender-based violence, the gig economy’s eroding social safety net, artificial intelligence making human workers obsolete and even (still) child labor. Organizations are pushing for social protections for workers in the transition to a low-carbon economy, and high-tech companies in particular face growing human rights scrutiny.

ERM has extensive experience developing and implementing social and human rights due diligence programs in a wide variety of sectors and geographies. As a first step, we help companies develop appropriate governance arrangements and assess risk in their supply chain to prioritise focus. We then work with clients to develop and apply monitoring and capacity building programmes for suppliers, including through audits and:

  • Training programs that enhance human rights capacity and draw attention to the need for responsible purchasing practices;
  • Setting up and maintaining grievance and traceability mechanisms; and
  • Engaging with key stakeholders.

With our supply chain and social consulting services, ERM is helping companies protect and improve their reputations while managing business continuity risks and enhancing performance while contributing to improved lives of workers and their families