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Management & oversight

The Board of Directors and Executive Committee are ERM's highest governing bodies. They are responsible for the strategic direction of the organization and the effective monitoring of performance.

The ERM Board of Directors is responsible for the direction and oversight of ERM Worldwide Group Limited (as parent company of the ERM Group) on behalf of its stakeholders, including shareholders. The Board meets at least six times per year to review performance and consider key strategic growth plans. In addition, Board subcommittees provide oversight of audit, risk and remuneration. The Board delegates its authority for the executive management of the Group to the Group Chief Executive Officer and, through her, to the Executive Committee (subject to defined limits and monitoring by the Board).

ERM’s Executive Committee members are responsible for the strategic and operational leadership and management of the business. The Executive Committee meets monthly to discuss operational performance and to ensure key strategic growth initiatives are being implemented effectively.

ERM uses authority matrices to provide the framework for all decision-making and policies related to corporate governance. These include approval levels for corporate governance and project contracts.

For information on the governance of ERM’s sustainability program, see Sustainability at ERM.