; Sustainability at ERM


Sustainability at ERM

Sustainability at ERM is a commitment to supporting socio-economic development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our business is sustainability. We are therefore positioned uniquely to contribute to the resolution of complex sustainability challenges.

ERM’s Sustainability Program is an overarching framework that supports our long-term business strategy and drives continual improvement. Our Sustainability Policy and Sustainability Approach articulate our commitments to sustainability.

The Executive Committee Sustainability Working Group brings together members of the Executive Committee from across the organization to provide strategic and technical decision-making on economic, environmental and social topics. Current members include our Group CEO; the Global Director of Services, Brand and Communications; our Group Human Resources Director; and the Regional CEO for Latin America and the Caribbean. The Global Sustainability Director facilitates the Executive Committee Sustainability Working Group.

The Sustainability Working Group is responsible for ERM’s Materiality Assessment and sustainability target setting. The full Executive Committee and the Board of Directors review the results of the Materiality Assessment and final sustainability targets. The Executive Committee and Sustainability Working Group monitor performance against targets. For some of the sustainability targets, such as the Safety AT ERM score, performance is considered in determining senior management annual performance targets and bonuses. 

A Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Working Group has been established with senior operational and technical leaders from across the business to provide oversight and guidance on the implementation plan to meet our public commitment to Science Based Targets.