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Diversity and inclusion

ERM made notable progress on diversity and inclusion during FY19. We updated our Global Policy on Diversity to make specific reference to inclusion. This reflects our organizational effort to ensure our behaviors and practices enable our people to bring their full selves to work, regardless of their background or who they are.

The e-learning module on unconscious bias was launched in April 2018 and now forms part of the mandatory training for all employees. This helps set a baseline for all our inclusive culture activities.

Other important achievements during the year include:

  • The introduction of guidelines for inclusive recruitment, rolled out globally to ensure that our approach, wherever possible, avoids bias in our interviewing and selection activities;
  • The launch of a Women at Work series for 100 women across the company, as a pilot for a wider initiative being developed for FY20 to support the progression of females into our senior career levels;
  • The introduction of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which serve as internal communities covering aspects of diversity and inclusion, providing personal connections and affiliation for ERM employees. The first ERGs launched focus on persons with disability and women; and
  • The design, implementation and analysis of a survey on career progression, looking at whether diversity considerations have an impact on advancement at ERM. We are still working through the findings and determining action plans for maximum impact, but this will feed into all inclusion-related activities moving forward.

In compliance with legislation introduced in the United Kingdom, ERM published in March 2019 an update on the gender pay gap within Environmental Resources Management Limited (our UK company), reflecting the position on 5 April 2018. The report also provides a summary of the actions taken during 2018, the outcomes and any further actions that will be taken during 2019 to continue to provide gender balance at all levels within the organization. In the UK business, the subject of this report, we have also identified a series of prioritized actions that we are pursuing to support us in closing our gender pay gap. Visit the full report on erm.com for more details of the scope and findings.

The Inclusive Culture Advisory Group has been central to many of these activities. Its FY20 plan will focus on more activity at the local level, such as inclusion moments in meetings and inclusion brown-bag lunches, as well as increasing a strong communication focus to encourage a global conversation about inclusion across the business.

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Diversity and inclusion