What makes a successful recycling program here in our Philadelphia, US, office? A growing and highly involved Green Team with defined roles and responsibilities, a supportive administrative team, regional manager and Business Unit Managing Partner, a yearly agenda and approved (small but helpful) Green Team budget, innovative solutions to current local waste problems, thoughtful monthly discussions, engaging daily conversations about waste and responsibility, an entire week of activities dedicated to Earth Day and clearly designated recycling program bins.

In less than five years, the office has transformed from barely understanding what the building-servicing recycling company collected to going above and beyond with cradle-to-grave recycling solutions.

Our biggest success story has been Terracycle (Terracycle.com), a free program that removes non-traditional waste from landfills and simultaneously earns funds which we donate to the ERM Foundation. To date, we have donated nearly $1,100. Other programs (e.g., battery recycling, worn-out shoes, plastic bottle caps, plastic grocery bags, etc.) have great impact,too. Each of these programs continues to benefit ERM, our communities and the environment.