; Contributing to society and local communities data

Contributing to society and local communities data

Data presented here supports the Contributing to society and local communities and the financial performance sections of this report. 

GRI 201-1

Community investments FY17 – FY19 ($’,000)

Pro Bono Time¹ 314 329 331
Direct Contributions
Matching Funds² 203


Charitable Contributions³ 15 2 12
Operational Support⁴ 371 261 297
Membership⁵ 131 122 182

1 Pro bono hours are registered by consultants on approved projects. Pro bono time is calculated at 80% of hourly charge out rate.
2 Matching funds are made on a 75 cents for each dollar donated basis, for most employee donations in all regions. From FY18, a percentage of this budget was also used for seed funding as part of a new program to support longer-term partnerships with nonprofit organizations, particularly in geographies where employee-led fundraising is more challenging.
3 Charitable contributions made to organizations other than The ERM Foundation.
4 Operational support includes salaries and direct costs for employees responsible for the ongoing operations of the ERM Foundation and other professional support costs.
5 Membership fees for global sustainability-focused organizations, where ERM actively contributes to thought leadership activities.
6 Calculated from prior fiscal year’s Earnings Before Interest, Tax and Amortization (EBITA). For example, FY19 percentage is calculated using FY18 EBITA figure.
7 Funds raised by employees to support the ERM Foundation and other charities/nonprofit organizations.

GRI 201-1

This information can be found in the Financial Overview section on our website (erm.com). FY19 data will be updated when finalized in late 2019.

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