The Active Leadership Audit Program allows our employees to periodically and consciously stop and assess the activities that they are responsible for (or routinely observe), with respect to safety.

The goal is to drive engagement with colleagues specifically around the topic of safety. While this type of engagement occurs continuously in the background, there is value to formalizing and structuring the assessment.

ERM has five types of audits that can be completed, depending on the type of activities that an employee is typically engaged in. The completion of each audit is documented using a specific, online form to ensure:

  • Audit scope and rigor is globally consistent.
  • The auditor is prompted to consider key safety topics and elements (some of which they may not have considered before).
  • Audit results are globally accessible in real-time and consolidated to identify future focus areas and trends.

Audits are a leading indicator that can be used as one measure of Safety performance, and can be done by all employees. However, the completion of these audits by Partners is intended to add additional value to their projects, by:

  • Allowing them to gain insight into details of project operations;
  • Identifying areas of improvement for the audited project, as well as the Partner’s other projects; and
  • Reinforcing the safety message to the project team through action in addition to words.

The Engagement Score is used to as a positive and sustainable approach to engaging our employees in the program.