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Impact with clients

We recognize that our greatest impact is through work we do with our clients. We work with many of the world’s largest companies to address their greatest sustainability challenges.

In recent Sustainability Reports, we have focused on the megatrends that encompass significant social, economic, political, environmental or technological changes in the world and, in turn, have a major impact on business and society today and for decades to come. Four of these megatrends in particular (population growth, climate change, emerging middle classes and digital transformation) are integral to ERM’s business strategy, as they are external drivers impacting our clients’ businesses and creating challenges that must be addressed. We are focused on working with our clients to respond to these drivers.

In this year’s report, we focus on three of the major elements (or “key topics”) of these megatrends that are currently most relevant to our clients: climate change and energy transition, tech-enabled innovation, and circular economy.  In turn, we are evolving our services to ensure we understand our client’s changing business needs as they respond to these key topics. In the Impact with clients section of this report, you will find descriptions of how these three topics are impacting our clients, and examples of how ERM has helped to address such challenges.

Our clients are among the largest in the world, as well as those whose activities have the greatest impacts across their value chains. We believe that by working with these companies to reduce negative impacts and enhance positive impacts on people and the planet, we can maximize our contribution to shape a more sustainable future.