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Learning and development

We invest in the future of our people through a focus on learning and development. ERM provides opportunities for ongoing learning across technical, business and personal development subject areas.

We offer a mix of classroom, digital, on-the-job and informal educational approaches – with technical experts contributing to specialist curricula.

The ERM Academy, our online portal, is the repository that holds all learning items, events, sessions and training records for our workforce. It is aligned with our career framework at each level. Employees can enhance the skills, knowledge and behaviors they need to adapt to a changing market and advance their career with ERM.

We aim to nurture a culture where learning occurs every day in everything we do, and where each of us takes ownership in driving our own development. On-the-job learning accounts for a significant percentage of an individual’s development. The ERM Academy includes new content and programs to align with our strategy and grow our capabilities while responding to the changing needs of the learner.

Every new employee completes mandatory training and local induction activities so that they can carry out their work safely and in compliance with ERM governance requirements and policies, our clients and relevant legislation.